Jibbing Board PRO 110 Mountains


Jibbing Board PRO 110 Mountains


Get ready to shred with the Switch Jibbing Board Pro 110 Mountains. With its reverse camber and durable snowboard base, you’ll feel like you’re on the mountain while practicing your tricks at home. The wooden core with triaxial fiberglass and polyurethane side walls provide excellent flexibility while maintaining durability. This board is best for users 155-200cm tall and up to 100kg in weight. So, what are you waiting for? Step up your jibbing game today.

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Lipslide, Frontboard, Boardslide … These And Many Other Tricks You Can Learn Without Leaving Your Home. Get In Shape For The Snowboarding Season Every Day – With Our Jibbing Board Pro You Have No More Excuses! Get Better And Learn New Skills.

Jibbing Board PRO 110 is an updated version of our standard board. Higher rocker makes you stand out even higher, thinner tails make it easier to train presses. Durable snowboard base and linear glass reinforcement increasing life of the board.

jibbing board bottom
  • The structure of the board resembles a snowboard.
  • Thanks to the wooden core with triaxial fiberglass and polyurethane side walls board is characterized by excellent flexibility while maintaining the most durable structure.
  • Reverse camber gives you maximum feeling – it makes it easy to train on jibbing bar or slide over the boxes.
  • Plastic base makes you feel like you’re really training on a snowboard.
  • 4 4×4 positions mean you can position the bindings exactly as you would on your snowboard.
  • You can use the board with our training bindings or with standard snowboard bindings.

Jibbing board specification:

  • Dimensions: 110 cm long x 25 cm wide (best for users who are tall 155-200 cm)
  • Binding stance: 34 cm – 58 cm, 4 4×4 positions
  • Profile: reverse camber
  • Base: durable snowboard base
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Maximum recommended user weight: 100 kg
  • Made in Poland
shape board
  • Bindings:


    EU 38-45,  Womens US 7.5-12 +,  Mens US 5-12.
    EU 35-43, Womens US4- 12,  Mens US 3.5-10.

    Jibbing Bar:

    Dimensions: Setup – BAR 100 cm long x 18,2 cm high x 20 cm wide / Setup – BOX 100 cm long x 19,2 cm high x 20 cm wide
    Weight: 6 kg, Maximum recommended user weight: 120+ kg,
    Material: Recycled HDPE plastic + Plywood

    Training Mat:

    Dimensions: 140 cm long x 100 cm wide x 3 mm thick
    Material: suede with eco rubber


wood core

TriAxial is a three-layer wrap, 4545. Light-weight, multi axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that provides high durability and great pop

We use CNC to cutting all the boards so that every board has the perfect shape

Mix of different wood types gives high strength while ensuring low weight

All our boards have a medium-soft flex for a perfect feeling

high press lamination
PU sidewall
made in poland

Thanks to the high temperature in our hydraulic press, we achieve a perfect joint that eliminates the possibility of delamination of the board

Pu sidewalls are made of high-quality polyurethane so they provide maximum impact protection

Classic rocker with higher rocker on the tails helps while jumping on trampolines to get higher airs.

All our equipment is made in Poland between the mountains, where almost everyone loves board sports

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Jibbing Board PRO 110 Mountains
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