Meet our talented longboard riders from around the world who are passionate about growing the longboard communities and pushing the boundaries of the sport. Discover their inspiring stories, check out their gear, and find out where to connect with them.


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Otto 🇲🇦
Board: MUSKRAT & meerkat

Founder of @longboard_morocco. Filmmaker, traveler, event organizer and super talented freestyle rider. You should defeinitely check his sick technical lines!


Find him in: Agadir, Morocco

RIDER Romuald Ruh

Romuald 🇨🇦 🇫🇷
Boards: Otter, Muskrat

Romuald is a surfer, climber but most importantly our hand tricks master.  Organizing events in Montréal with docksession and other longboard groups is his way of growing in this community. He loves flexy boards, hand tricks, and always tries to improve his game with more rotations and variations. His best tricks are Aeroslam 900 flip and Tiger Claw 720


Find him in: Montreal, Canada

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Esther 🇧🇷
Board: Muskrat


Find her in: Brazil


Iker 🇲🇽

I’m Iker 26 yo, from Mexico. I’ve been Freestyle longboarding since 2021.

For me longboard freestyle is more than a sport, I consider it a lifestyle, where you move freely marking your own style.

My main goal is to create different combinations of tricks based on classic freestyle style.


My favorite tricks are:
aeroflip, ninjaflip, dragon tail finger flip and my creation the quesadilla flip.


Find him in: Spain

Santi 🇨🇱
Board: Beaver

Santi is aesthetic kinda guy in our team. Photography, design, and (most importantly) dogs lover! Involved in the development of the Chilean longboard dancing community. Follow him for some fancy foot work and aesthetic content.


Find him in: Santiago, Chile

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Sigfredo 🇪🇸
Board: meerkat totem

Sigfredo makes longbard tricks look as easy as walking. Our team meme lord, and one-man circus. Best at fast groovy dancing lines, always trying to out-rank himself with new freestyle tricks. He loves meeting new people and is heavily involved in worlds and local longboard community.


Find him in: Madrid, Spain / London, UK

Downhill / freeride  TEAM


Matias 🇨🇱
Board: muskrat & capybara

Photographer, filmmmaker, and audiovisual producer student. Skating on everything since 2015, but freeride is his field of choice. Fav trick: 360s slides. Top speed: too fast.


Find him in: Santiago, Chile

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Bartosz 🇵🇱
Board: muskrat

@_tendosz_18 yo Fella, involved in organization of one of the coolest downhill events in Polad. Loves speed. Can slide better many older and more experienced riders.
His fav trick: manual
His best trick: sit down slide.


Find him in: Silesia, Poland