All of it started in around 10 years ago, right after high school when we created our first boards and skis.

Our Goal

Durable, well designed, and high quality boards.

We belive board should last as long as possible so we don’t have to use more resources to make a new one. Thats one of the reasons why we focus so much on durability of our products. 

How we make our boards?

We created core technology in which we combine horizontally various types of wood. Depending on the expected properties of the board we use different combinations of ash, poplar and other.

The cores enriched with the poliurethane are subjected to the lamination process in which we add reisin and diffrent composites. Then the board is placed in the mold in hydraulic press in which under precise pressure and temperature all the components are permanently merged in perticular shape. 

After removing this “sandwich-like” form from the mold we use CNC to cut final shape of the board, hand sand its edges to obtain the perfectly smoth surface and add final layer of varnish.

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People behind SWITCH

Jakub Pacut 

Artur Pacut

Switch Longboards Team

Longboard riders from around the world helping us improve our boards.

Vigile Abstract

Vigile Bear

Vigile Abstract

Cruiser whales

Switch Training Boards Team

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