Set- ParkSki 110 + Tyrolia slr 10


Set- ParkSki 110 + Tyrolia slr 10


Would you like to learn double corks, backflips, 720s but winter is too short? We have the solution! Get better and learn new skills with our park skis.

First ParkSkis on the market – skis with wheels. Designed to be used on Indoor Training Parks with kickers to pit foams and airbags landings. It can be taken to the skateparks.

– Park skis are designed to resemble standard skis.
– Skis are stable at high speeds and it’s able to make small tuning adjustments.
– Getting to a kicker is very easy. You can also take off from the edge just like on skis but this time it won’t slide.
– Thanks to the wooden core with triaxial fiberglass and polyurethane side walls, the skis are characterized by excellent flexibility while maintaining the most durable structure.
– Reverse camber gives the skis maximum feel and control.

Dimensions: 110 cm long x 13.2 cm wide (one size fits all)
Wheels: 8 high-quality PU wheels on each ski
Profile: reverse camber
Weight: 5 kg per pair
Maximum recommended user weight: 100 kg
Made in Poland

Tyrolia Slr 10
If your goals are:
– improving skiing skills,
– optimizing the ski position,
– having maximum control at every turn,
And all this while maximizing your riding fun – you should choose our Tyrolia Slr 10 bindings.

The SLR base with a wider contact area provides better energy transmission without affecting the natural ski flex.

Constant force transmission during the turn leads to flawless control, thus enhancing the on hill experience.

A ramp angle of 5mm supports the skier to get into a better position on the skis.

DIN: 3 – 10
COLOURS: matt black/white
WEIGHTRANGE: from 31 kg
RX (Light Diagonal) Toe with TRP System
Full Diagonal
AFS – Anti Friction Slider
ISO: 5355A
SX Heel
Brake [G] 78mm

    Lifetime warranty

   30 day returns

Additional information
Dimensions 110 × 30 × 10 cm

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Set- ParkSki 110 + Tyrolia slr 10