Introduction: Unveiling The Impact Durable Skateboard

Hello, Shredders! 

Get ready to immerse yourself in the realm of genuine durability and high performance – let me introduce you to the Impact Skateboard by Switch. No frills, just the raw, unfiltered authenticity born from the very streets and parks where the heart of skateboarding beats. This deck stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication and passion for the sport.

Our Skateboarding Odyssey: Battling Durability

Have you ever questioned whether a skateboard could endure the relentless march of time and hardcore shredding without sacrificing that essential pop and board feel? The Impact Skateboard echoes back with a resounding yes, forged through countless sessions of unwavering shredding.

The Impact durable skateboard carbonfiber bottom

The Impact Skateboard Difference

We understand the skepticism that surrounds the term “durable skateboards” because, guess what, we’ve been there too. We’ve asked ourselves the same burning question that reverberates through skate parks globally: Can a skateboard genuinely withstand the test of time? We’ve delved into all the available solutions – additional composites, poly-decks, a mix of those – but none quite hit the bullseye until now.

The Impact Skateboard isn’t just another “durable deck” making flashy promises; it’s a declaration that we, as riders, proudly uphold.

Core PU construction angle 1

Main Features: Crafting Durability, Preserving Essence

So, what sets the Impact Skateboard apart? Let’s dive into the details:

Vert-Lam Technology:

The Secret Sauce: Vert-Lam, a technology tested in snowboards, skis, and now skateboards, strategically combines various wood types to achieve precise properties in each part of the board. The result? A stronger deck with similar weight and the familiar feel of the standard maple sandwich.

Polyurethane Sidewalls:

Impact Resistance: Our boards boast polyurethane sidewalls for unmatched impact resistance and improved abrasion resistance, ensuring your board withstands the toughest tricks without chips flying around.

Super Slidey Deck Surface:

The Bottom of the Impact skate is covered by special slidey film which lets you make much longer grinds and slides.

konstrukcja final 1 1Carbon Fibers and Fiberglass Blend:

Pop that Lasts: The unique blend of carbon fibers and fiberglass merged with the v-lam core maintains lasting pop and performance, addressing the common issue of pop degradation over time.

Waterproof Perk:

During our work on this construction, we stumbled upon an exciting bonus to our construction – water resistance. Yes, our skateboard is your trusty companion in all weather conditions.

So is the Impact the Strongest Skateboard with true classic skateboard feeling?

We believe it is! Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and see how enjoyable skateboard ride can be!

Concerns about our approach?

We get it – skepticism about durable skateboards runs deep in the skating community, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Many attempts at crafting a longer-lasting skateboard fell short, compromising the classic maple skateboard feel we all cherish. We’ve been there, tested alternatives, and learned from the letdowns.

Here’s where Impact Skateboard steps in – our response to a shared need within the community. It’s a work in progress, an open invitation to every rider to join us. We’re not just presenting a deck; we’re extending an invitation to experience the evolution firsthand.

Beyond the Hype: Real Talk, Real Results

This isn’t a slick sales pitch because we’re not a slick corporation. It’s an authentic expression of our commitment to delivering something genuine. We’re not telling you to trust us blindly; we’ve tested it, we believe in it, and we’re encouraging you to be the judge.

We’ve heard the stories of skaters burned by similar projects in the past – backorders, delivery issues, and skepticism turned into disappointment. At Switch, we’ve learned from these experiences. We sell only what’s ready to ship. No backorders, no delays – just a commitment to getting your Impact Skateboard to you promptly.

First batch of The impact durable skateboard decks ready to ship
The impact Durable Skateboard decks

Join the Movement – Impact Skateboard Revolution

Ready to challenge the status quo? Dive into the Impact Skateboard and join us in rewriting the “durable skateboard” narrative. Click here to explore the innovation!

Remember, it’s not just a skateboard; it’s Impact. Share your thoughts and stay tuned for the ride of a lifetime! 🤘🏼

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